The Schreibstube (literally “a writing room”) was a common 19th century establishment. It was essentially a writing company. If someone, for example, needed a love letter, they would write one for them, or, if someone needed a treatise on any matter, they would write one for them, too, or any other type of text in the infinite variations of the written word. Everything that had to do with writing, from A to Z.

The Category is bringing the Schreibstube to the 21st century. Abstracting language to every single consistent form of signs, including the traditional literary and textual; or one utilizing the latest technologies and mathematical methods; or one making use of the wide spectrum of the creative arts. The writers are scholars, artists, authors, scientists, programmers, engineers, philosophers, theorists, and designers along with autodidacts, generalists, multidisciplinaries, and microspecialists. The Category has produced film scripts for award winning directors, concepts for art exhibitions, and code algorithms for research departments.

The content produced is often textual, in the form of written words. But, in some instances, a more graphical, physical, or abstract depiction is required to best communicate an idea in a clear, precise, and concise way. Hence, the result can span artistic works, code, designed objects, or novel ad-hoc languages in the form of symbols, signs, or images. The Category creates, translates, or transforms information in order to attain its finest aesthetic form. For this reason the company conducts research, devises concepts, and obsesses over every detail. The final work is edited to the highest quality standards for impeccable language suitable for the luxurious, hedonistic, or decadent tastes of a select group of perfectionists.